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DirecTV and the NFL have had a long-standing agreement to broadcast NFL games through DirecTV`s Sunday Ticket package. This agreement has been in place for over 25 years, providing DirecTV subscribers with access to out-of-market NFL games.

However, this agreement has been a topic of discussion and controversy in recent years. The current agreement between DirecTV and the NFL is set to expire after the 2022 season, and negotiations for a new agreement have been ongoing.

One of the main issues with the current agreement is its exclusivity. DirecTV is currently the only provider that offers the Sunday Ticket package, which allows viewers to watch games that are not available on their local channels. This exclusivity has led to frustration among NFL fans who are not DirecTV subscribers but still want access to out-of-market games.

In recent years, the NFL has explored other options for distributing Sunday Ticket, including streaming services and cable providers. In 2019, the NFL and DirecTV agreed to allow subscribers to stream Sunday Ticket games on mobile devices, which was a major step towards breaking the exclusivity of the package.

Another issue with the current agreement is its cost. Sunday Ticket is a premium package that can cost up to $400 per season. This high cost has made it difficult for some fans to justify subscribing, especially when considering the availability of other streaming options.

The negotiations for a new agreement between DirecTV and the NFL are ongoing, and it remains to be seen what changes will be made to the Sunday Ticket package. The NFL has expressed interest in expanding the availability of the package to other providers, which could help to lower the cost and make it more accessible for fans.

Overall, the DirecTV NFL agreement has been a long-standing partnership that has provided access to NFL games for millions of fans. However, it has also faced criticism for its exclusivity and high cost. As negotiations for a new agreement continue, it will be interesting to see how the NFL and DirecTV work to address these issues and ensure that fans have access to the games they love.